History and Development

Our company specializes in the migration as our core operation with the central focus on the financial institutions.
When founder Nobuhiko Iwakura carried out the migration of a certain bank in 1994, he realized that there were no companies in Japan that specializes in migrations. After gaining various experiences in the field, he established the company that specializes in such operations.
As a unique company, we create manuals and standards for migration related matters, while carrying out varied migration operations.
Established the first migration specialty company in Japan, conceptualized from original ideas.
We excel at creating standards and manuals for migration and have achieved numerous successful outcomes with the migration of metropolitan banks and securities companies.

Market Size in the Future

The market size is currently growing with the recent trend in mergers and M&A by inter-corporate consolidations and integrations.
The number of the potential clients is unpredictable.

Operation Expansion in the Future

We believe increasing the number of employees and developing unique programs that can be used across all businesses and systmes will achieve our goal to grow as the opinion leader in the field of migration,We also aim to expand the scope of our operations beyond migrations to avoid any risks of running into the financial troubles under any market conditions in the future by dispersing sales earnings.

Executive Director's Profile

Nobuhiko Iwakura
November 24, 1967 - Born in Tokyo, Japan.

March 1986
- Graduated from Komaba Gakuen Private High School, General Education Department
August 1986
- Left Economics Department of Aoyama Gakuin University
April 1987
- Joined Project Management Association Company
October 2006
- Established Rock Store House Co., Ltd., and was inaugurated as Executive Director
January 2008
- Inaugurated as Director of MOBSYSCO Co., Ltd.